Our inventory consists of luxury cars with low mileage and full warranty.


We pride ourselves in giving our customers a top notch service.


When you buy a high quality vehicle, we will make sure it stays that way.

Welcome to Auto Maq Altea

We are the leading company in the exclusive car market. Our inventory consists of used car with low mileage and in perfect condition, all include full warranty and transfer. We also offer services such as maintenance, paint work, polishing and valeting, ITV and insurance. Welcome to our showroom!


  •  Second to none service
  •  Premium vehicle inventory
  •  In-house maintenance
  •  True car specialists
  •  Full warranty


  • Complete car maintenance
  • Chip tuning & remapping
  • Painting and wrapping
  • Polishing and valeting
  • ITV (MOT) & insurance

Popular brands

These are some of the most popular brands which we work with.

Looking for a luxury car?

Looking for a luxury car?

If  you are looking for a luxury car, just have a look through our inventory of specially selected cars.

Wish to sell your car?

Wish to sell your car?

Do you wish to sell your car and do you think it fits in our inventory? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!